Friday, May 20, 2011

Patrol Z Members Have Been Selected

A few months ago, we asked Scouts to come forward and show us what kind of media skills they had. We were looking for videographers, photographers, designers and developers. We were seeking a group of Scouts who were digital storytellers.

We found them. Scouts and Venturers are on the road to the Summit, and Patrol Z will be telling their stories online.

Check in to see who's on Patrol Z, send them a congrats, and find out if they're from a council close to you. The patrol is already looking for stories to tell about Scouts across the country, so make sure you share your ideas in the comments.

Thanks to everyone who applied, and look for all the names of Patrol Z here.

P.S. We're still choosing Patrol Z Ambassadors (and will be for a while), so make sure you shout out in the comments. You never know who might get chosen ... :-)

Patrol Z Members

Alex Call from the South Texas Council gets a slot. Alex is a social media specialist who told us that the one thing he would change about the last jambo is "direct the national spotlight on the Scouting movement for ten straight days." That's our kind of thinking. What else? Alex loves whitewater rafting, and has a slew of public speaking awards.

Nick Dannemiller from the Cascade Pacific Council makes it on PZ. He's got a background in web development that's super impressive. For high adventure, Nick's partial to sea kayaking. Also cool: he interned at the Oregon Zoo. Oh, and he's an Eagle with 2 Palms.

Jessica Scanlan from the Montana Council. Jessica is her Crew Vice Pres., and she paddled a canoe 150 miles down the Missouri River following the Lewis and Clark Trail. Twice. Jessica is a photographer, and sent us some impressive work. Look for tons of cool pics from Jessica.

Carl Colglazier from the Occoneechee Council. Carl's specialty is video editing. In fact, Carl won C-SPAN's 2011 StudentCam Video Documentary Competition Grand Prize this year. (Part of the prize? A C-Span mug. Seriously.) When he's not building and destroying robots, Carl likes to climb with his Scout Troop.

Zane Naylor from the Crossroads of America Council. Zane's a Life Scout working on Eagle, with canoeing being his favorite way to get outside. He'll be focused on social media for Patrol Z, and has an ear for anything with a good rhythm or story to it. The 2013 Jambo at the Summit will be Zane's third!

Connor Morabito is an Eagle with 6 Palms in the Rip Van Winkle Council, and he's working toward a Venturing Silver Award. He's pulling double duty on Patrol Z in the video editing booth and at the social media controls. Oh, and he's been the webmaster for his troop's site for the past 6 years.

Christopher Sachs is specializing in video production. He's an Eagle in the Patriots' Path Council. Christopher's into kayaking and canoeing, and claims that he'll eat just about anything (always a useful skill). Does he know his stuff? He landed first place in his State FBLA Conference for Digital Video Production competition. Sounds good to us.

Jacob Szrama is also an Eagle, from the Del Mar Va Council. He's focusing on photography in Patrol Z. Jacob's an all-around outdoor kind-of-guy, but he especially loves rock climbing. Also, he claims his photo ninja skills come from being able to down unsafe amounts of chicken pot pie. Alright, we made that last part up. Partially.

JP Montgomery comes to Patrol Z from the Miami Valley Council. JP's going to be working behind the camera as a videographer and in front of the computer as an editor. Between figuring out how to get a job as an astronaut and getting a 4.0 in all honors classes, JP gets outside by going camping. Because, y'know ... he's a Scout.

Patrick Burtchaell, an Eagle from the Southeast Louisiana Council, is a graphic artist. He's designed great things across all kinds of media, from websites and logos to T-shirts and fliers. A student at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, he's figuring out ways to combine his passion for graphics with a love of film. Sounds like a good fit.

Kevin Montano comes to us from the Revolutionary Trails Council. Kevin's a photographer who's outdoor adventure jones falls on canoeing and climbing in equal parts. Kevin kills it in all kinds of media at school, and is very, very into theater. Also, he likes jazz. Also also, he wanted to join Patrol Z to "document history in the making." Which we think is pretty cool.

Nathaniel Stafford comes to Patrol Z from the Occoneechee Council (same as Alex Call), and he'll be working on some interesting social media projects. Get this: Nate's favorite food is Five Guys Burgers and Fries and/or Lobster Ravioli. Awesome combo, no? Also, Nate likes to climb. A lot. He's going to love the Summit.

Troy Mullins is going to be blogging/storytelling for Patrol Z (same thing, right?) and he comes from the Green Mountain Council. Troy's an Eagle with one Palm and more on the way, and he's also working on a Venturing Silver Award. He's also into climbing, and runs his lodge's newsletter, "The Buck." And he founded his Council's VOA.

Samantha Walker is from the Catalina Council, and her favorite high adventure activity is ... wait for it ... SCUBA! With all of those amazing underwater vistas to check out, it's no wonder that she'll be pulling photo duty on Patrol Z. Goal: Along with a bunch of other pretty amazing stuff, she one day hopes to be Western Region President. (Bet she makes it.)

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