Saturday, May 28, 2011

Meet The Patrol Z Ambassadors

Patrol Z is a team of digital storytellers. They're Scouts and Venturers armed with cameras and laptops. And they've got the skills to showcase what it means to be a Scout on the way to the Summit in 2013.

Patrol Z Ambassadors have a somewhat different role. Along with the Patrol, they'll be getting Summit news first, and are tasked with spreading that news where and when they can. That might mean presenting on SBR at a Council Meeting, updating a Scout newsletter, or posting here on FB.
Hi everyone, and welcome to this Facebook note announcing the Patrol Z Ambassadors. Get ready to scroll; the list is pretty long, and continues to grow. Here we go:

Bryant Atkins
Anthony Casey
Christian Cloglazier
Mikey Dewey
Mitch Dolan
Logan Fawcett
Gideon Hankins
Jonathan Hebb
Josh Hogue
Granticus Huggman
JC Hulce
Chas Hundley
Daniel Maclaury
Shane MArshall
Luke McConnell
Kevin O’Connor
Mitch Pash
Jessica Reardon
Ash Spears
Atom Stapleton
Kyle Stroh
Tristan Van Tine
Ben Weiner

And the 23 PZ Ambassadors are part of these Councils:

Stonewall Atkins
Revolutionary Trails
Midnight Sun
Half of Heart
Grand Columbia
California Inland Empire
Mountaineer Area
Shenendoah Area
Anthony Wayne
Potawatomi Area
Cascade Pacific
Westchester Putnam
Pine Tree
Middle Tennessee
Suffolk County
Denver Area
Western Massachusetts
Heart of America
Indian Nations
Pacific Harbors
Northern Star
Heart of Virginia

So, we're going ahead and calling that awesome. We'll be looking for more PZ Ambassadors on the road to the 2013 National Scout Jamboree, so keep checking back for more info.
Congrats, PZAs! Nice work.

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