Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jamboree Committee Meeting - May 3rd, 2011

2013 National Scout Jamboree Committee Meeting

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Camp Geiger - Herzog Lodge

7:00 PM


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Shape the Summit Survey Now Closed


The survey period is closed, but the work is just starting. For The Summit, the largest project in the history of the BSA, we wanted a new direction. Something different. Something big. And we knew that it wasn’t going to happen without the direct input of Scouts.

That’s why we started Shape The Summit. We asked for your input, and we got it. Now, we’re taking the information and ideas that you gave us and applying it at The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve. And it’s going to be amazing.

Scouts were asked to fill in a short questionnaire and let us know their ideas on everything from adventure sports programs to environmental concerns. Around much of that information, we’ll be creating a new home for the jamboree. And a home for Venturing. And a new high adventure base. And more.


For those that participated in the survey, we’re giving away a trip for four to the home of The Summit, West Virginia’s New River Gorge. Lodging is included. So is adventure. The winner is going to be announced the week of April 25.

Our winner and three guests will get to sample Summit-style adventure first-hand. The New River Gorge is known around the world for its outdoor activities, and it’s soon to be known as the home of The Summit. Think of this as a preview.

But the one who takes the trip isn’t the only winner here. We’re also sending Summit T-shirts, hats, and water bottles for the winner’s whole troop.


Every answer, suggestion, and idea in the Shape The Summit survey is being passed along to the Summit’s management and design teams. They’ll use them to create the most innovative adventure camp in the world, what will be come The Summit Bechtel Reserve.

And we’ll show you. “You Shaped The Summit,” a coming series of videos, blog posts, and photo streams, will show how the ideas that you submitted are being put into practice out at the Summit. We’ll explain where the ideas came from, how our team developed them, and what it will look like at the Summit’s grand opening at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree.

Patrol Z Registration Closed!

Applications for Patrol Z are in!
Team Members and Ambassadors will be announced in May!
Prize Packs to be sent out soon!


Patrol Z is a small group of Scouts who know their way around digital media. Telling stories online — with video, photos, and blogs — about their road to The Summit, PZ Scouts are spreading the word about what the largest BSA project in history means for Scouting.

The application period for Patrol Z is closed. But check back soon to see who made the team, and where you can see their work.


We received a ton of great entries for Patrol Z from around the country, and it’s going to take a while to sort through them.

We’ll announce the winners the week of May 9, so make sure you click back over to see if you made the cut. We’ll be announcing the news on our Facebook page as well.

The Summit team will reach out to the winners — team members and ambassadors — via email. Once the team is announced and assembled, the real work begins (but we’ll give you your prizes before that, promise).


This isn’t your ordinary prize pack. All the tools needed for Patrol Z members to tell the story — laptops, cameras, software — are being individually assembled according to the team member’s skill set. We’ll detail all the prizes when the Patrol Z team is announced.

Ambassadors (up to 50 Scouts and Venturers) will be announced soon, as well. These members of the team will be The Summit insiders who can give information and Summit swag out at council meetings and local Scout functions. Keep an eye out for a Patrol Z Ambassador at your next BSA event.

Jamboree Participation Terms Spelled Out!

All participants (youth and leaders) are selected by their local council to represent their local councils based on their qualifications in character, camping skills, physical and personal fitness, and leadership qualities. Therefore, all adult and youth participants and their parents or guardians are asked to read the Code of Conduct and Statement of Understanding as a condition of participation. It is with the further understanding that serious misconduct or infraction of rules and regulations may result in expulsion, at the participant’s own expense, from the Jamboree or during the Jamboree tour. Each participant is responsible for his or her own behavior, and only when necessary will the procedure be invoked to send a participant home from the Jamboree.

I understand as part of my jamboree registration fees, I am entitled to a “Jambo 13 Kit” consisting of a duffel and two activity shirts. I will not arrive with anything that does not fit in the “Jambo 13 Kit” and that is not on the approved equipment list.

1. The units' adult leaders are responsible for the supervision of its membership in respect to maintaining discipline, security, and the Jamboree Code of Conduct.
2. Leaders will be guided by the Scout Oath and Scout Law and will obey all U.S., local, and state laws.
3. I will set a good example by keeping myself neatly dressed and presentable. (The official BSA uniform and/or Jamboree identifying items are the only acceptable apparel as deemed appropriate for the activity.)
4. I will attend all scheduled programs and participate as required in cooperation with other unit members and leaders.
5. In consideration of other unit participants, I agree to follow the bedtime and sleep schedule of the unit, unless otherwise directed by the Jamboree program.
6. I will be responsible for keeping my tent and personal gear clean and neat and label all personal gear. I will adhere to all Jamboree recycling policies and regulations. I will do my share to prevent littering of the Jamboree grounds.
7. I understand that the purchase, possession, or consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs is prohibited on BSA/Summit property.
8. Serious and/or repetitive behavior violations including cheating, stealing, dishonesty, swearing, fighting, and cursing, may result in expulsion from the Jamboree or serious disciplinary action and loss of privileges. The Jamboree headquarters must be contacted for the expulsion procedure to be invoked. There are no exceptions.
9. I understand that gambling of any form is prohibited.
10. I understand that possession of lasers of any type, and possession or detonation of fireworks is prohibited unless otherwise specifically authorized by the Boy Scouts of America.
11. I will demonstrate respect for unit and Jamboree property and be personally responsible for any loss, breakage, or vandalism of property as a result of my actions.
12. Neither the unit leaders nor the Boy Scouts of America will be responsible for loss, breakage, or theft of personal items. I will label all my personal items and check items of value at the direction of unit leaders. Theft will be grounds for expulsion.
13. I will obey the safety rules and instructions of all supervisors and staff members.
14. In accordance with U.S., local and state laws, firearms and weapons are prohibited in the possession of all Jamboree participants unless otherwise specifically authorized by the Boy Scouts of America.
15. All leaders must complete Youth Protection training prior to pre-Jamboree training and follow the guidelines therein.
16. Hazing has no place in Scouting; nor do running the gauntlet, belt lines, or similar physical punishment.
17. Patch and souvenir trading should occur only between your peers.
18. Participants’ and staff members’ may only bring items specified on the equipment list provided by the Jamboree Department, National Council.
19. Violation of this Code of Conduct, or any other conduct deemed to be inconsistent with the values of Scouting, may result in expulsion from the Jamboree at the participant’s own expense; and could result in revocation of BSA membership.
20. All participants (with the exception of minor children accompanied by a parent or guardian) will have a current photo id in their possession.


I (we) approve and agree to all the terms and conditions of this application and certify that the applicant meets the health and physical fitness requirements of the Jamboree.
This application includes my request for personal accident insurance to be purchased on my behalf. This policy is excess to any other available source of medical benefits. The cost of this insurance is included in the Jamboree fee. It is understood that payment of claims by the insurance company is contingent upon prompt reporting of claims, if any, by the participant.
I understand that the Jamboree will be covered by news media and moviemaking and broadcasting companies, and I hereby consent to the use of my voice and/or photograph in the news coverage, moviemaking, or similar projects approved by the Boy Scouts of America without compensation and I further agree to release and hold the Boy Scouts of America harmless for any and all claims and liability with regard to such use.

In consideration of the benefits to be derived from participation in the 2013 National Scout Jamboree, any and all claims against the Boy Scouts of America or its local council, the United States of America, state of West Virginia or any of the officers, employees, agents, or other representatives of any of them, or any other persons working under their direction or engaged in the conduct of their affairs, arising out of any accident, illness, injury, damage or other loss or harm to or incurred or suffered by the applicant named above or to his property, in connection with or incidental to the 2013 National Scout Jamboree, including preliminary training and travel, are hereby expressly waived by the parents and the applicant.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2013 Pony Express Jamboree Video

Catch a glimpse of what some of our boys got to experience in 2010 at the National Jamboree. Don't miss your chance to go to the 2013 National Jamboree.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jamboree Committee Meets Again!

Matt Becker, John Clawson, Roger Denton, Ben Ernst, Seth Euler, Larry Grantham, Randy Hager, Steven Rosenak, David Thomas, Andy Trout, Rob Walling

The Pony Express Council’s National Jamboree Committee met for the third time on Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 to discuss plans for the upcoming 2013 National Scout Jamboree; scheduled to be held from July 15th-July 24th, 2013 in West Virginia.

Using a new agenda format the group split off into 5 subcommittees at the beginning of the meeting for roughly 25 minutes to discuss the pertinent items that they plan to focus on throughout this planning process. This gave each group enough time to formulate action plans, ideas, and develop a report to be discussed during their portion of the meeting. Each group jumped right in focusing on the priorities at hand in order to make this the best Jamboree experience the Pony Express Council has ever seen. The excitement from everyone in attendance was apparent from listening to everyone’s ideas for promotion, recruitment, financial planning, trip details, and equipment/shakedown groups. With the committee off to such a tremendous start, I look forward to seeing how everything comes in to play, as we get closer to the actual Jamboree!

To start off the full committee meeting, we previewed the first promotional video for the 2013 Jamboree. Thanks to the hard work put in by a few of our own council’s volunteers and youth the 7:38 clip has been developed to spark interest in the upcoming event. Larry Grantham, Steve Rosenak, and Mike Eisenhauer were the driving force in accomplishing this task and thanks to their dedication to making the next jamboree a success we have a wonderful video that can be used as a recruitment tool. The video will be posted on this blog and a link will be on the council website as well. The plan is to put the video onto a disc that will be distributed to every single scout unit along with a letter explaining why it is important for the leader to show the video to the boys. We are shooting to get these discs out to roundtables this month! Other promotional discussions focused on creating banners for Camp Geiger to be displayed at the trading post and headquarters buildings. While also tossing out the idea it might be good to try and get a video loop going that show cases the previously mentioned video clip to played at the trading post on Wednesday nights during camp.

Recruitment is always a major focus and if this event is going to be a fun experience for the youth it must have a full group signed up to go. Although registration is not currently open for the event (Late Spring 2011) the committee has already begun formulating a plan to get the word out because this trip of a lifetime is coming quick. Their plans are to include: Wednesday Night campfire skits at Camp Geiger, Involving the Mic-O-Say Tribal Council to visit and promote to units, use new wood badge participants to help in the planning process, and developing a solid venturing group to work specifically on getting venturing youth interested. It almost goes without saying but the promotions group and recruitment group will be working hand in hand to spread the excitement of the National Jamboree.

Our trip details group has also been hard at work trying to development new ideas to make the Jamboree experience even better. Everything from the touring options, travel methods, and everything in between will be looked at as the Jamboree moves to its new location in West Virginia.

Also in development is a finance subcommittee that will work on creating a budget for the event, coming up with a final trip cost, and helping assist with fundraisers and troop/youth sponsorship methods. Anyone that has ever been to a National Jamboree before knows that the cost can be somewhat overwhelming, but if you ask them after their trip if the experience was worth the money, I can guarantee that everyone will agree that it was. Once a final cost for the trip is made available it will be posted right here on this blog as well as many other places. (The individual cost for the trip in 2010 was over $2000)

In other Jamboree news the first shakedown has been tentatively scheduled for October 20-21st, 2012 at Camp Geiger. This will be the first time that the boys going to the National Jamboree in 2013 will camp together as a group. Plans for the weekend are being put together and new information will be released as it becomes available. One item of concern for this group has been what to do about equipment for the shakedowns. Because it is our understanding the National Jamboree will be providing all the unit’s equipment needs while at the Jamboree site, the group may need to find camping equipment from participating units to borrow during their shakedown weekends.

As discussion moved from the various subcommittees topics into the general group discussion topics, the committee was reminded that at next month’s meeting the group will be reviewing all of the adult interest applications for potential adult leadership for the contingent. And as the meeting drew to a close the last item of discussion was summer meeting plans. The committee has decided that it will meet in June but not in July, on the first Tuesday of the month.

The next meeting has been set for Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011 at 7 PM. The group will be meeting again in the Herzog Lodge to discuss progress and any new information. The agenda will be emailed out at a later date and posted on the Jamboree Blog.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Jamboree Committee Meeting - April 5th, 2011

2013 National Scout Jamboree Committee Meeting

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Camp Geiger - Herzog Lodge

7:00 PM