Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What is Patrol Z?

The Summit needs campfire stories. Digital ones. And we need you to tell them online. Scouts with skills – making videos, producing quality photos, writing blog posts. Designers and web developers, too.

We're putting together a team. That’s Patrol Z.

The quest begins March 1. You'll have to fill out an application and provide us a link to some of your work online – video, photos, writing, websites, or whatever you do best to tell a story. If you're selected, we'll equip you will the digital tools to capture even better Scouting stories.
You'll cover events, meet Scouts and get to be a part of recording a new era of Scouting - all in preparation for the 2013 Jamboree.

Two or three Patrol Z Scouts will be selected per region. We'll also be offering finalists a chance to become Patrol Z Ambassadors.

As a Patrol Z Ambassador, you'll have an inside line on news at The Summit and be the first to check out new media as we move closer to the 2013 Jamboree.

Be sure to visit the Summit Website on March 1 to complete your application.

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